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Prym Ergonomics Single-pointed Knitting Pins 35 cm 7.00 mm

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Prym : Single-pointed knitting pins Ergonomics 35 cm 7.00 mm
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Prym 7.0mm Ergonomic knitting pins 35cm long. Knit with more ease and more comfortably with the latest single pointed Ergonomic Knitting Needles from Prym. Created specially with high-performance synthetic material - instantly warm to touch, with hook tips, triangular comfort body and click heads. This new innovative material also emits less noise than traditional knitting pins so doesn't have the same potentially annoying click when in use. The first major reinvention of the Knitting Needle in the last 1200 years. These Ergonomic Knitting Needles from Prym are designed tip to tip to be comfortable and easy to use.